Rice Paper Factory • 2010

A 90-second clip I shot and posted on YouTube now has over 5 million views, and I have no idea why.

Hell's Kitchen • 2016

Four minutes of test footage I shot with a Hi-8 camera in 1994 is now a music video thanks to The Breeders and the very talented Nick Radcliffe (https://www.rootsvisuals.com/).

Chicago Diner • 2004

The regulars at White Palace Grill in Chicago's South Loop celebrate another Thanksgiving together. Produced and directed for the PBS documentary series "The Meaning Of Food." Editor: Michael Cross (crossfilms.com)

The Storyteller • 2015

For 50 years, one of the most shocking crimes in American history has lingered like a splinter just beneath the skin. The details of what happened to 16-year-old Sylvia Likens in her caretaker's Indianapolis home can be found elsewhere; this series of interviews instead focuses on three people—reporter, advocate, cop—who've helped to ensure that Sylvia is never forgotten. Each story has its own time period and perspective; together they form a coherent narrative of the city's collective response to the unspeakable. Part 1 of 3: Natty Bumppo (formerly John Dean) recalls his work as a reporter covering the trial for the morning newspaper and writing the dime-store paperback "The Indiana Torture Slaying."